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symphonia ANALOG qvevri saperavi

symphonia ANALOG qvevri saperavi

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ANALOG is a second label started early 2017. These are wines made to showcase and respect ancient winemaking traditions in a modern context.

This was made in a lighter style as we wanted to enunciate the character that the qvevri itself lends to the wine. Hand-picked in the early morning sunlight to ensure freshness and acidity. The grapes were not fully through veraison when picked, yet yielded rich colour over four hours of skin contact with the must following a light pigeage. Directly pressed into the qvevri, where the wine stayed until it was hand bottled in December 2017 with no sulphur added.

This pours a light garnet red. The nose is vibrantly aromatic, with an explosive perfume of blood plum, red cherry, hibiscus flowers, clove and leather. The palate is dominated by a purity of fruit sweetness upfront-red cherry, cassis, & blackcurrant are the main ones-with fine, plum-like tannins gently rounding out the palate. A streak of acid to finish.

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